Caffeine added to list of drugs next to heroin

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

I am one of millions that is addicted to the ‘caffeine buzz’, but I control my intake to avoid the side effects such as anxiety. I have noticed that meditation and mental clarity after drinking coffee is harder than it is several hours later after drinking coffee.

Try to drink plenty of water to cleanse after drinking coffee, because that seems to help me. Hyper people should certainly avoid coffee and sugar. You don’t need to be a doctor to figure that one out.



By Dr. Keith Ablow:

According to the DSM-5, too much coffee, cola or caffeine-laced gum can cause restlessness, nervousness, a red face and rambling speech. Β And stopping caffeine suddenly can cause sleepiness and depressed mood.

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4 thoughts on “Caffeine added to list of drugs next to heroin”

  1. I agree..listen to your body drink what it can handle ..I drink so much water now I didn’t use to water makes a huge difference everybody should listen to that advice totally agree Coop..and as far as energy drinks go have you ever tried Spark ? Oh my DRAY ( my lingo for oh my God cuz I’m crazy lol you know this glad were on different coasts πŸ™‚ ) SPARK DOESNT Wire you out at all..but gives you mental clarity and that lift when needed mix yourself its powder in water it’s awesome and it’s good for you…if we were neighbors I’d bring you some lol

  2. you can drink anything (moderation is always the rule, of course) as long as you drink pure, good water in decent amount too (not seltzer, and you don’t need 8 glasses a day)

    The basic rule is: you need to Regularly flush your system, literally, just like keeping the pipes clean, but you’re also flushing out your internal organs on a regular basis all during the day. That is All, Really, That is ALL. Human Survival techniques are basic, simple- they’re not complicated.

    The Best way to do this is always have water nearby (position bottles around the home, for example) and drink room temperature water when you’re Not thirsty- it’s easier to absorb than cold water which you have to force yourself to drink when you’re Not thirsty. Once you get the habit, you’ll just do it and you won’t have to worry about…

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