California is losing 30% of their Doctors?

Fox News just did a segment about how California might lose 30% of their doctors to retirement. Thank Obamacare for this.

Now, there is debate whether to change the definition of a doctor to include nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

I predicted that one day veterinarians will be added to that mix of doctors treating people in a hospital due to a shortage.

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6 thoughts on “California is losing 30% of their Doctors?”

  1. I hadn’t read about this on Fox, but as a Californian, I know from personal experience that it certainly appears to be true. My OB/GYN and our dermatologist retired at the end of January and our GP is going for early retirement in July. I can’t find a new OB/GYN and have given up trying. I wonder what this means to women who are pregnant now. I spoke with a friend who’s a retired psychiatrist and he said the only psychiatrists left now are older and no young doctors want to get in the field — there’s no money to be made (the money is in the field of surgery). This is worrisome when you consider we have more emotionally ill people at this time, it seems.

    At this time (goodness knows what’s down the road) we have PPO coverage which means we aren’t required to be referred to specialists by a primary, so we’re not shopping for a new GP either.

    I’m dusting off my medical books, so to speak, and going back to family practice — my family.

  2. Thank so much for posting this EMERGENCY ! I sure feel sorry for those who don’t have even rudimentary knowledge of the Medicine. The situation is so much worse than I thought it would be.

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