“Call them what they are… Communists”

Steve Cooper


Thanks Tony B…..


Liberals and Libertarians try to throw Fascism into the mix, but they only do this to cleanse Socialism and Communism. Liberals don’t seem to upset with Obama’s link to corporations, because they know no matter what…he is a Socialist/Marxist.

Communists are hiding under many different labels these days such as Democrats, Progressives, Liberals, Socialists, Anarchists, Atheists and yes….Libertarians. I judge people by the propaganda that they spew and the American people need to study what Communist propaganda looks like so they know who they are really debating.

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5 thoughts on ““Call them what they are… Communists””

  1. He is so right, these are the sane things that Steve says.
    What the guy says at the end is the best though, “Any of you veterans who fought the communists in Korea or Viet Nam have no business voting democrat! That makes you a communist sympathizer”

  2. “Democrats, Progressives, Liberals, Socialists, Anarchists, Atheists and yes….Libertarians”

    Well, it’s not as if any of those labels are compliments. They all suck.

    1. It was fine for Liberals to call Bush a Fascist, but it’s not fine to expose Obama as a Socialist? The fanaticism that we see to support Obama has not been seen since the days of the the Nazi Party.

      1. I think you misread me, Cooper. Call Kenya Boy a Socialist, a Commie, a Progressive, a piece of shit…any of them suit him fine. As far as I’m concerned, a Socialist is no better than a Commie, and a Progressive is just a Socialist hiding behind a prettier-sounding label. They’re all about the same to me. So, I don’t get all aflutter when someone refers to him as a Socialist because they didn’t call him a Commie. They all suck and in the same damned way.

        Just don’t call him a God-fearing man or a patriotic American. When I hear that bullshit (only from lefturds, of course), it pisses me off because it’s a damned lie.

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