Capitalism on it’s Back?

Capitalism on it’s Back?

Steve Cooper
The Conservative

The Communists have Capitalism on it’s back right now and they are about to thrust a knife into it’s chest. This is a much bigger conspiracy than the Democrat Party or Obama, but nobody in the media will dare tell you this. Still, blind fools tell me to stop being negative, but they have been sleeping their entire life.

The Communists are doing Satan’s work and only an act of God can stop
them at this point. Many of your friends and family (mine too) are
guilty for aiding this sabotage of Capitalism. You are witnessing
history and prophecy; you can’t change the course. Just be prepared and
enjoy the ride.

The Communists are preventing the USA from drilling for oil as well. Do you think all of this rhetoric is a coincidence? The law suits from left wing environmental groups, the calls for no blood for oil have stopped now that there is a Communist running the show. The wars are still ongoing, but the anti-war cries have stopped. The repeated reports of the dead U.S. Soldier body count has also stopped. Soldiers are still dying in these wars, but I guess it was bad that they died under Bush, but good that they died under Obama? I wonder why?

The same wealthy people that are funding Obama were the ones that manipulated the economy (with the help of their foreign allies) to get him elected in 2008. It was a great distraction, because the polls showed that the people feared Obama’s radical associations, but that changed when everyone lost their retirement funds. Now, the economy is making a comeback? Just in time for their Marxist proxy to be re-elected. There is no such thing as coincidences.

Sure, they will say I am paranoid and crazy (Marxists always say this), but I am also RIGHT.  

– Steve Cooper

The Marxist’s stealth control of the economy and terrorism is manipulating the 2012 Election.


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