Car Bombs Detonated in Sweden Possibly Connected to Muslim Terrorists Against Afghanistan Assistance

By Steve Cooper
The Conservative

Two car bombs blew up in the busy shopping area of Stockholm, Sweden today. There were no injuries and the only death was that of the suicide bomber. I wonder if he was a Muslim or a Catholic Priest? Hmmmm, I just can not figure this one out.  

The report states that the police have not confirmed that this was an Islamic attack, BUT an audio tape was sent to a news agency stating that the attack was because of Sweden’s participation in the Afghanistan war and something about a
cartoon by a Swedish artist that depicted Muhammad as a
dog. Like they need a reason to set bombs off?

Islamic terrorism is a daily occurrence around the world and then the liberal media scratches their heads wondering how to spin the truth to deflect blame away from Islam. It is a joke already. Why are the liberals so apologetic for Islamic terrorism?

The answer is that they are BOTH allies in this war against capitalism and freedom. Europe’s wake up call is coming soon, because the Russians want MORE Muslim terrorism in Europe so the USA can be blamed for it. This will cause the Europeans to distance themselves from the USA and break up the NATO alliance. Then, Putin will take over Europe without even firing a shot. It will fall like butter into his hands, not even Stalin or Lenin could have imagined that this would have been so easy.

I laugh when I see these reports that Russia is helping us in Afghanistan. Oh really? Maybe it is because the Russians want us to bleed to death there militarily and financially? I swear, the American people are the most gullible in the world.

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