Democrat Exploitation of Trayvon Martin, Chickfila and the Colorado Shooting Rampage

Steve Cooper The Democrats love exploiting people, minorities groups, victims and so on to act as a distraction for their economic sabotage that is forcing the USA to spiral down into the toilet of Read More …

The Palestinians are Upset with Romney, Because He is Not a Collaborator with the Enemy

OF COURSE a bunch of terrorists want Barack HUSSEIN Obama to remain in office.

Donald Trump on Twitter to Obama: Release Your College Applications

At this point, those college records will be altered and forged too. Obama knows that he is untouchable, because the GOP and media fear the International Marxists and Muslims that are backing him.

WND: Arpaio Obama probe finds ‘national security threat’

Steve Cooper   Sheriff Joe needs to forward his finding to The Joint Chiefs, but they will probably do nothing about it. Just ask LTC Lakin. The people have no voice to stop blatant Read More …

Carney Dismisses ‘Trump Question’ on College Records

Steve Cooper   Jay Carney is dismissing Donald Trump, because of people like Glenn Beck, Mark Levin and the rest of the GOP stooges that attacked the Birther Movement since 2009.