CBS’ Lara Logan Speaks Out, Says Islamists Hate Us Now More Than Ever |

Steve Cooper


Lara Logan is accusing the US Government of LYING? Does she realize that Bush is NOT in office? She is going off of the media script.


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7 thoughts on “CBS’ Lara Logan Speaks Out, Says Islamists Hate Us Now More Than Ever |

  1. That the Islamists hate the US is fully understandable to me. The hate toward the US is caused by hard left, or should I say socialist, policies of our country. What the Islamists want is for the US to become more like themselves; conservative, family oriented, and above all based on strong religious values. The Islamists have always wanted is to get rid of the secular leftists, and their philosophy of secular humanism, who have run this country for years and they should be applauded for their efforts to support the rise of conservative religous values around the world.

    1. Are you out of your mind? Does the term “Islamo-Marxist” ring any bells? Islamists hate everyone, even other Islamists. For the time being, however, they’ve partnered themselves with Communists (known in America as “the left”) to destroy capitalism. Capitalism promotes and supports liberty and liberty won’t allow forced Sharia law.

  2. The C Monster ‏@cnin

    Liberals like Lara Logan usually get converted to Conservatives when they are victims of violent assaults like she was in Egypt. #tcot.

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