China Gearing Up for War as the American People Watch Dancing with the Stars

By Steve Cooper
The Conservative

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that China has created at least 25 different types of unmanned drones to catch up with the USA and Israel in this department. One of them even has a jet engine, unlike the propeller operated U.S. drones.

There are many reports that China decreased their military spending in 2010, but I believe they did that on purpose, because they know that we are watching them. These Chinese government is very clever and dangerous and it does not help much when American leftists praise their economic slavery.

Russian, Chinese and Muslim boys are being prepared for war against the USA and capitalism as our kids are being brainwashed to be politically correct wimps walking around with peace signs on their clothes. Their kids are learning how to shoot AK-47’s as our kids are being brainwashed to accept Harry and Tommy being mommy and daddy.

When I was a kid, we played football and did martial arts, but not today. Today, men have to be weak and non-threatening sheep so they can be slaughtered that much easier. Plus, we do not want our enemies to feel threatened by our masculine boys now do we?

China is a grave threat to the USA and there is no doubt that they are partners with the Russians and Muslim terrorists via Iran to take us down. This ongoing currency war that is heating up could spark something big very soon. You will all forget about gay marriage when Chinese troops are flooding our shores like locusts. There are 200 million Chinese troops for a reason; they want world domination and converting to communists will not save you either. 

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