China to operate key port in Pakistan

Steve Cooper
The Conservative

The center of global terrorism is based in Iran and Pakistan, but Russia and China are the Marxist puppet masters and ENABLERS. I have been saying that a “staged” world war will take place soon and the Bin Laden hit was the foundation for this to take place. The ‘American left’ are part of this conspiracy along with the International Marxists and Muslims.

It kills me when I hear these Tea Party puppets say “no more wars”. They have no idea what they are talking about or what is coming. Go back to sleep, because there is no backing out of this war. This war is about the “staged” collapse and surrender of capitalism to the communists.

Terrorism is being used as extortion to bankrupt America, bust capitalism and break our will to fight. it is working like a charm thanks to the enemies within helping to orchestrate this conspiracy.    

Pakistan and China

Russia and Pakistan

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