CNN: After Mass Shootings, Should We Profile White Men?

Steve Cooper


I think that white COMMUNISTS and ANARCHISTS within Liberal Academia should be profiled! – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s

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6 thoughts on “CNN: After Mass Shootings, Should We Profile White Men?”

  1. W/O scrutiny of your article, isay yes indeed we do. As a woman I believe all MEN should be profiled. I’ve known some damn crazy white men

    1. I made no reference to you , Roger. Why would you take offense? Pls don’t bother to answer. Just ask yourself that question

    1. Did this fool from say we should feel offended ? If white men were profiled as are blacks or Arabs? That this means we are bigoted?
      What an idiot. If he’s lucky he won’t find himself so unsheltered that HE finds himself in situations where his LIFE may depend upon “profiling”.
      These are crazy times, W/O a doubt

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