CNN Falsely Reported the Wisconsin Shooter had a 9/11 Tattoo

Steve Cooper

Why did the CNN reporters keep replaying this video with a supposed witness that claims the Wisconsin shooter at the Sikh Temple had a 9/11 tattoo?

CNN used this false information to play the racist angle against Muslims and it was fabricated.

The Oak Creek Police Chief just stated on CNN that the Wisconsin shooter DID NOT have a 9/11 tattoo…

Nice reporting by Don Lemon….STOOGE

2 thoughts on “CNN Falsely Reported the Wisconsin Shooter had a 9/11 Tattoo”

  1. I didn’t hear about the alleged 9/11 tattoo but my BS detector was set off by mention of a white supremist tattoo in some news reports. What is a white supremist tattoo? Why not describe it or show a graphic or drawing of it? What does it look like, who determined it’s a white supremist symbol, and how was it determined to be so? In short, to me it sounded like the reporter(s) made it up, playing the odds that because the man kept his head shaved bald, surely one of his many tattoos could be linked to white supremists.

    In other news, have you seen this one yet?
    ‘Dark Knight’ copycat arrested at Ohio movie theater
    Police found suspect with loaded 9mm Glock and several knives while waiting in back of theater for show to start.
    Read more:

    Attorney says Scott A. Smith brought gun to Westlake movie theater for protection
    Published: Tuesday, August 07, 2012, 4:47 PM
    Updated: Tuesday, August 07, 2012, 5:29 PM

    Considering that what he carried with him wasn’t jack compared to what he left at home and that he peacefully complied and cooperated with theater security and police, I suspected Smith’s reason, bad one that it turned out to be, was founded by self-preservation and perhaps motivated by paranoia, even before I found and read his attorney’s statements to the report.

    1. CNN interviewed a witness from the Temple hours after the shooting and he said “the shooter had a 9/11 tattoo”. That was a FALSE REPORT, but CNN ran with it so they could bring Muslims into the mix.

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