CNN in Birther Quagmire?

CNN in Birther Quagmire?

Steve Cooper

NOTE TO CNN regarding the Birther Issue: Journalists are supposed to expose conspiracies, not prevent them from being exposed.

Tell a lie often enough and it becomes the truth, but not in this case. The American people are onto the media lies to protect the forged birth certificate and the conspiracy to cover it up.

Many people asked me “why would the Obama Administration release an obvious fake birth certificate”. My answer to them was “they want to incite the people and throw it into their faces that we have no voice anymore”. The Obama Administration, Democrats and Republicans feel secure that the media will help them protect this Birther conspiracy no matter how many people question it. The shills in the media will insist that you are crazy and that will scare people away from seeking the truth.

Tea Party frauds that work at the Cable News Networks are also used as surrogates to attack Birthers, because they will lose their TV privileges if they dare to side with the Birthers. Notice how the media only reports the anti-Birther side of the issue and rarely anyone that is a Birther (except Donald Trump).

Why is the media avoiding Jerome Corsi and Joe Farah from I guess they are afraid that their reporting could sway opinions on the Birther issue and that would be a disaster.


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