Cold War 2: Thailand Extradites suspected Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout to the USA

By Steve Cooper
The Conservative

I have been watching this since March 2008 and this HUGE….

Viktor Bout is alleged to have plotted to kill Americans and he also is being accused to selling arms to terrorist organizations as well. In my opinion, Viktor Bout is the middle man that links Russia to global terrorism.

The Russians are flipping out over this arrest and extradition, because of what Viktor Bout knows. Here is a video from Russia Today where a Kremlin stooge, Daniel Estulin is insisting that Viktor Bout knows nothing. How does he know that Viktor Bout knows nothing? Daniel Estulin also repeats the words “End game” over and over and these are code words that the 9/11 truthers use. They are little Soviet propagandists just like Daniel Estulin.

During the spring of 2010, Obama released the Russian spies with a slap on the wrist, but
I became suspicious as to why he did not release Viktor Bout. I believe that he was throwing the Russians a bone, but he was holding on to the big prize, Bout. Has Obama learned not to trust the Russians since he was sworn in? We will see what happens with Viktor Bout, because this is huge.

The battle of the NWO’s is near…BOOM

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