Colin Quinn: Comedians Are Scared Of Making Jokes About Obama

Steve Cooper

It is known that Obama is a ‘dictator in the making’ and that is why Hollywood comics fear him….

Fox Nation

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6 thoughts on “Colin Quinn: Comedians Are Scared Of Making Jokes About Obama”

  1. there should be some examples of joe biden and owebozo together… that is a real joke in itself… the real reason is that they are mostly libschits in the world of comedians….and they like him… so no reason to joke about it… this will change now with all these “new scandals de jour”.. crapstream media has forgotten boston and texas bombings already….they will try burying benghazi next…. i have never seen dog wagging like this…it makes bill clinton look innocent by comparison…

    1. They clearly want to confuse the masses and it is working.

      NOW the sheep are starting to see what I warned about for many years.

      Communist Psych Warfare – The key to controlling the people is to make them distrust their Government with corruption and scandals.

      1. Confusion is one word to describe it. I call it overload. With a new scandal coming out of the White House every day, as there has been since late January 2009, on which one do you focus? The people – we – can’t grasp and hold onto one long enough to follow through to resolving it because – watch out! – another’s just been lobbed at us.

        Who would have ever thought that the trick to getting by with blatant corruption and lawlessness is MORE and EXCESSIVE corruption and lawlessness?

          1. It was a nice try by the Democrats to put a “C” student college professor into the White House, but he is incompetent. The enemy handed him Bin Laden to make Obama appear legitimate. #Commies

  2. all this is true and the sheep need to be reminded of their stupidity by us… we need to undermine the media and get this message to them …. should they find out the truth,,, they will be thankful to us for our interests in informing them…

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