Comedian Russel Brand calls for a ‘Socialist Revolution’

Steve Cooper


In this interview, Russel Brand is calling for a Socialist Revolution. Brand should be water boarded, stripped of his money and thrown into prison. This guy is worth $15 million, but he forgets that corporate sponsors helps to pay his salary? So, Russel has plenty of money now and he wants to stifle everyone else’s opportunity to become wealthy?

Brand claims to be clean from drugs today, but he still gets cravings for heroin. That explains a lot.

I am constantly warning about Marxist Revolutionaries like Russel Brand on The Conservative Monster. Many of these Marxist Revolutionaries want to incite violence and chaos in society by committing vandalism and even acts of mass murder. I have accused the media, the police and politicians of covering up the fact that many of the mass shootings in the US were inspired by Marxism and sparking a Marxist Revolution.

I always warn people in the Tea Party to be suspicious of people constantly shouting for Revolution, because they are probably Leftists that publicly label themselves as Libertarians to blend in. These radicals are trying to incite Conservatives to commit acts of violence to help Obama declare martial law.

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4 thoughts on “Comedian Russel Brand calls for a ‘Socialist Revolution’”

    1. Rich people like him want Socialism, because he believes that he will be part of the Elite Class. His wealth can be removed at any time when things turn really bad. This is why wealthy leftists like Jay Z pay off Obama for protection. Do you think Brand gives a shit about the middle class? Socialism stifles opportunity and there will be no middle class once their agenda is done. Communists want a classless society? Yeah…that will work out to be fair lol

    2. People do need to watch it, because a lot of his propaganda is the same crap that Libertarians spew all day about ‘the bankers, corporations and wall street’. They are really commies…

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