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Steve Cooper

The Conservative

I love how Fox likes to repeat the Cain sexual harassment allegations all day long. Why? They want this controversy to scare you to think Cain is UNELECTABLE and that Romney is the only answer to remove Obama. Then, Romney will take a dive like McLame did.

The Global Elite Marxist forces in Russia and China want Obama to get re-elected. This is why they are ALLOWING HIM to win the “War on Terror” against their Muslim proxy Al Qaeda. Expect terrorism to increase if you vote against the Socialist. This is the HIDDEN MESSAGE.

This is how I debate a Ron Paul loon: “I was talking about the communist agenda when you were sucking your thumb. Why would I debate you? Your opinion means nothing to me.”

The next time a Ron Paul loon wants to debate you just tell them that “Ron Paul is an Al Qaeda groupie”. End of debate. –

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