Con Ed Utility Workers Plan Strike During Heatwave

Con Ed Utility Workers Plan Strike During Heatwave

Steve Cooper

The bottom line here is that Corporations know that Obama is going to tax them to death if he wins in November. The foundation for a Marxist Revolution is already set and it is something that I have been predicting for many years. Obama and his ilk are pitting the unions against the Corporations and it will lead to blood in the streets. At least, this is what the Democrats want.  

Eventually, it is the goal of Obama for the Government to control ALL ENERGY in the USA. The Con Ed executives know this and they are getting ready for a fight. This is not about Democrats vs. Republicans. This is about power hungry Marxists that seek to take over all utilities.

Oil companies employ entire towns. These employees spend money and that fuels the economy in these cities and towns. Oil companies are paying over 40% in taxes, but Apple only pays around 20%? Last I saw, Apple has most of their products made in China, but these oil companies employ American workers yet they are punished? It is because oil is a commodity that the Socialists seek to take control of. High energy prices is a good way to bring in backdoor communism to the people via stifling inflation. The Global Warming lie will also be used to take control of all utilities, because it will be good for the Earth if the ‘Green Thugs’ that fund Obama run the environment.

Corporations are getting ready for a fight for their survival. Stifling taxes will be needed to pay for Obama Care and all of the food stamps that they hand out. It is the goal of the Democrats to have as much civil unrest and chaos as possible, because they need a crisis to complete their Socialist agenda. The Democrats want as much government dependance as possible rather than entrepreneurs and small business owners, because dependent Americans become addicted to the Democrat Party for survival. It is like a drug dealer making sure that his client is addicted to his product. Well, their product is Socialism.

Run up the debt and devalue the dollar. This is a good way to make people slaves and they are pushing the USA and Europe into this direction. This is why the words Socialism and Communism are not to be uttered in the media, because they don’t want the people to know what to call it when it imprisons them. 

Obama is pitting Corporations against unions, blacks against whites, whites against hispanics, the Tea Party against Occupy Wall Street. Class warfare, race wars, lies in the media…the more the better.

Many of these unions are being used as tools by American Leftists to usher in a Socialist Revolution and they don’t even know it. Do they believe that things will be better if the government runs Con Ed? The skyrocketing debt will be used as an excuse to crush their pensions and wages in the future ‘for the good of the people’. Just watch.

Unions are in a tough spot, because they only have one hope…the Democrats. The Unions will be betrayed; It is inevitable, because cheap wages is what the Elite desires and the Elite fund OBAMA.    


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