Condi Rice Teaches Katie Couric a Lesson on Saddam’s WMD’s

By Steve Cooper
The Conservative

The LEFT voted for the Iraq war and then they actively worked to undermine the war and the troops once the boots were on the ground.

The CIA intelligence about Saddam’s WMD’s went back to the Clinton administration and it was no secret that Saddam did have WMD’s because he used them in the past. The 9/11 truther loons love to scream that the USA sold chemical weapons to Iraq, but they seem to forget that so did Russia, France and Germany.

It is no secret that the Russians helped move Saddam’s WMD’s to Syria so Bush would be embarrassed in front of the entire world. Even one of Saddam’s generals admitted this, but it is kept secret as to not get into a war of words with the Kremlin terrorists in Moscow.

Saddam was clearly a grave threat to the region. He fired missiles into Israel during the 1st Gulf War and he had the Saudi kingdom nervous that they would be attacked next, because Saddam felt their oil belonged to HIM.

Iraqi intelligence also had ties to Al Qaeda and this fact is another cover up when the leftists like Katie Couric spew their misinformation. Saddam allowed Zarqawi to camp out in Northern Iraq, but Saddam did not want Al Qaeda on his turf, because that would be a direct link and he did not want the trail of blood and finger prints headed towards his front door. I have no idea why Condi rice would even do an interview with a left wing shill like Couric at the CFR no less.

Condi Rice brought up a good point at the end of this interview and that point was that Iran and Iraq would be involved in a nuclear arms race right now if Saddam was not removed. Plus, Saddam’s thugs brutalized countless Iraqi’s under his Marxist regime. Saddam was a big fan of Stalin and that is not surprising judging by his actions.  

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