Coroner Claims Andrew Breitbart Died of Heart Failure

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Coroner Claims Andrew Breitbart Died of Heart Failure

Steve Cooper
The Conservative

I find it interesting that ‘natural causes’ was mentioned on the same day that Breitbart died. Now, 6 weeks later it is confirmed. Was ‘natural causes’ a lucky guess or a cover story? Many Conservative Monster fans feel that foul play was the cause of Andrew’s death and I agree with them. 

The media dropped the story about Breitbart’s death like it was a hot potato. It was like the man never existed.

Breitbart and I had a major blow out on his Facebook page about the Eligibility Issue. I took the gloves off and hit him with everything I had. I accused him of bowing down to Murdoch and Fox News to help silence the ‘birther movement’. Breitbart left the scene, because he realized that he was not dealing with some kid blogger.

Regardless, Andrew was a genius in the world of journalism and it is a major loss for the Conservative Movement.


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