Could Obama Ban Smartphones Next?


Steve Cooper

Could Obama Ban Smartphones Next? There have been reports that link cell phones to cancer and I am sure that Obama wants to prevent rising healthcare costs to occur due to ‘overuse’ of cell phones.

Sure, what would stop Obama from banning smartphones or putting a ‘cap on usage’? Nothing, because he believes that he has absolute power. He is ignoring the US Constitution and Congress. Certainly, a Constitutional Law Professor knows what the rules are. If Executive Orders could be written to change the 2nd Amendment; then banning cell phones to prevent cancer is certainly attainable and no conspiracy theory.

Heck, Obama could ban gay behavior in public too….RIGHT? He could use the gay marriage registry with all of the names of gay married couples as a list of people to be added to a watch list. Obamacare could be used for many things and one of those things is isolating gays to prevent the spread of AIDS for the “good of the people” of course.

Sure, Obama could do that too. Who would stop him? What would stop him?

Let’s stop beating around the bush here. The assault rifle ban is just an excuse to get their foot inside the door of eventually banning all gun ownership. If guns could be banned, then so could religion, smartphones and gay behavior in public. This is just the starting line.

You say it “can’t happen here”. Well, it is happening here… everyday. New laws, new regulations and “ban” seems to be the only word that is uttered out of the Democrat Party these days.

Now, do you understand why wealthy Hollywood and media types are donating so much money to Obama? They want to be spared tyranny when the Iron Fist drops down and there is a dictatorship.

I wrote this article to grab the attention of the space cadets that stare into their smartphone all day, because the threat of them losing that smartphone is the only thing that will wake them UP. – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s 


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4 thoughts on “Could Obama Ban Smartphones Next?”


  2. Working in an acadmic environment, I would just like to point out (which I sure you know) that BO was never a PROFESSOR…that title is bestowed after years of work…something he knows nothing about.

    Sorry…just a pet peeve of mine. I hate giving him any credit for anything…especially when it’s something he certainly never earned.

    Keep on rattling those cages…maybe someday some of them will wake up.

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