Coulter slams Newt; swears that she is NOT part of the ‘Establishment’

Steve Cooper
The Conservative

This RINO witch is getting defensive, because the people see through her script reading for the  ESTABLISHMENT just like when she attacked the ‘birthers’. Where are all of these loud mouths now? Beck, Coulter, Breitbart and the rest that attacked the birthers?

Obama released an obvious FAKE BC and they were silent. Gee, I wonder why? ANN?

An all out RINO assault is coming out against Newt the same way that they went after Bachmann, Perry and Cain. Why are they so afraid of Ron Paul and his merry band of Soviet thugs? How come Ann won’t out Ron Paul, the Soviet propagandist? NO GUTS…

I guess “The Establishment” won’t allow Ann to speak the truth about Ron Paul?

I have no idea why Joe Farah puts this shill on his website.

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