Counterspies hunt Russian mole inside National Security Agency. China Offered Bribe to Kyrgyzstan to shut down U.S. Base

By Steve Cooper
The Conservative

This article ADDS more fuel to my theory that these WikiLeakers are working for the RUSSIANS. It states that the NSA and FBI counterintelligence experts are currently searching high and low for a Russian spy. We are on the cusp of something serious right now, because the espionage and propaganda is at the highest pitch that I have seen in over 7 years. These WikiLeaks are part of the International communist plot to destroy the USA.

People still keep saying (on the Internet) that these leakers are Obama’s friends. No, these leakers are even further left than Obama. That is my Opinion.

Also this article states that China offered Kyrgyzstan $3 billion to close the U.S. Military base being used for the war on terrorism.

HELLO, Russia and China are the real enemy and the Muslim terrorists are just their foot soldiers. It is time to wake up Tea Party people, because Beck will not tell you this…..  

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