4 thoughts on “Cruise hell: ‘sewage running down walls and savages fighting over dwindling food supplies’”

  1. you have to wonder … those crewmembers live on the ship for 10 months at a time… those ships are nice. i wonder if carnival is a union company? nothing would suprise me anymore .. nothing ..

    1. You know I was just kidding around with you, Rog, don’t you? Something went terribly wrong in the ship’s systems. Maybe it was sabotage.

      What surprises me is that Carnival didn’t send another ship or a bunch of smaller boats out, even if Carnival had to shell out the bucks to rent them, to bring passengers to shore instead of making them ride it out at under a mile per hour for days in seeping raw sewage and no running water. I mean, some bloggers and commentators have said, more or less, “So what? It was just a vacation gone to shit.” (emphasis on the shit) But we’re talking about raw sewage flowing down the walls in some areas and ankle to knee deep in others. That’s a brew of deadly diseases, nasty illnesses, parasites…all looking for a host. I would have been flown out on a helicopter after going ape shit . And I would have gone ape shit in those conditions. I don’t do raw sewage. Or bugs.

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