CT State Police Change Tune on Adam Lanza Motive?

Steve Cooper


Last week, on the day of the shooting the CT State Police spokesman claimed that he had knowledge of the motive, but was not making it public. If I remember correctly, the Officer stated something about emails that were obtained. I became curious as to why the motive wasn’t released since the gunman was dead and there would be no trial to interfere with.

Then I wondered if the reports about accomplices were true, but I dismissed that as well.

I then stated that THE PEOPLE will never find out the truth that the CT State Police claimed to know. I suspect that Adam Lanza was an anti-social anarchist and that is possibly why he reportedly destroyed his computer before he went to the school to kill 26 people and children. I suspect that Lanza didn’t want the police to go after any fellow anarchists that he communicated with online.

Why say that you discovered the motive and then suddenly change your story as Fox News reported yesterday? Megyn Kelly stated, that the CT State Police have hit a wall when it comes to the motive for the shooting.

Once again, I was correct that the public would be shut out from information regarding the shooter, Adam Lanza. I guess the dangerous Anarchist movement is being protected, because they are a valuable tool to the left? Would this same protection be given to someone from the Tea Party? No…

Next – WHO told the State Police not to release this motive and then suddenly say they hit a brick wall? Eric Holder supposedly is on the scene now and that brick wall over the facts of this case will turn into a brick house just like it did during the Fast and Furious investigation. .

The State Police threatened anyone that would dare interfere with this case and on CNN he stated that this investigation will go on “many months” as if we will never learn the truth. The Trooper also told CNN that he had “no knowledge of the computer being smashed”.

Another theory that I do have is that the State Police does have the computer and the names in it and they don’t want those Anarchists or accomplices to know that they are going to monitor them and they lied to the public. This could also be the case…


Is The Anti-God, Anti-Society Rhetoric Inspiring Anarchists to Commit Mass Murder?

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