Cuba to Lay Off 500,000 Workers

By Steve Cooper
The Conservative

A nurse in Cuba makes $20 a month and the health care in the USA can expect that to be their future once the Government takes full control of the health care system in the USA. The people voted for socialism in 2006 and 2008, but they were not smart enough to know it. So, now you have to deal with the consequences.

Health care will not be repealed…so forget it. Our only hope is to strangle the funding, but even that might not work. The insurance rates are sky rocketing, doctors are retiring and other doctors are dropping their insurance, because they get paid nothing in return for their services.

Cash for medical care is the future. Only the wealthy will be able to afford paying cash for medical care and the middle class will once again be out of luck. When Obama and Pelosi mention that they want to help strengthen the middle class it is a LIE. The American idiots have been so dumbed down about how communism works, so they accept this line as the truth.

“Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth.” – Joseph Goebbels

Cuba only has ONE LABOR UNION and this is the goal of the American Marxists. To consolidate all unions into ONE centralized union to be controlled by the Government. Then watch the hammer fall on your wages when this union is flooded with illegal aliens that are given amnesty. I believe this will happen when the pensions start to collapse. It will cause a government bailout and eventual take over.

I have been trying to warn the useful idiots in the unions for years. Even a family member of mine that was a labor leader for many years does not get it. The reason he does not get it is, because he does not understand communism and the goals of a Marxist revolution via the labor unions.

There are 308 million people in the USA and the Marxist utopia can not sustain a population this large without misery, suffering and population control via abortion and starvation. Your kids will go hungry as Obama’s and the rest of the elite are eating ice cream in Hawaii. THEY are the special interests that THEY  are always talking about.  

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