Darwinism the Root of Liberal Racism?

Darwinism the Root of Liberal Racism?


I posted this on Twitter today and Dr. Drew from American Thinker loved my theory and so did Jeff Kuhner.

Darwinists believe that black people are not fit enough to survive in this competitive world. Affirmative action is the answer. Liberals use racism as an excuse for their racist beliefs. They hide racism behind their Darwinist theories, but they accuse everyone else as BEING RACIST.

Steve Cooper on Jeff Kuhner talk570.com – 03/04/10…

Marx found the missing piece of his evil puzzle when he discovered Darwin’s work. Many of the educated communists are radical Darwinists that despise religion.

Many of the street, union thugs that are useful idiots for the communists can not even spell Darwinism.

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