Death of a Mascot: Crippling Attack to The Conservative Monster

sallee boy2

The Conservative Monster has been hacked, tampered with and I have been personally threatened over the years, but I brushed it all off. The only thing to really bring this site to it’s knees was the loss of my dog, Sallee Boy.

This beautiful photo was sent to me by a Conservative Monster fan that was thankful for all of the work I have done over the years to report real news and analysis that is not controlled by anyone.

Sallee Boy was a sweet soul and everyone that met him loved him. His massive size intimidated many people until they saw the beautiful heart that he possessed. I learned more from Sallee Boy than he ever learned from me. Sallee Boy was a precious gem to me and I will remember him until the day I die. Then we will meet again.

Sallee Boy will live forever on this post and in my heart.

Thank you for the kind comments and emails.

God Bless,


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15 thoughts on “Death of a Mascot: Crippling Attack to The Conservative Monster”


  2. Sorry for your loss Steve. Loyalty is truly unique to dogs. Late one night, many years ago my husband went into diabetic shock, he had been watching sports in a room on the other side of the house. Our dog awakened me and I was able to call 911. He stayed by my husband side until the paramedics arrived. Dogs are very special.

  3. I had no idea you lost your best friend. Sorry doesn’t convey the meaning I feel for your loss since I know how hard it is to get over losing your pet. My Little Caesar went missing nearly two months ago and all attempts to find him have failed. Somehow I know in my heart that he has found a new family and moved on with his life, away from us. I feel so much guilt I can’t even look at pictures of him yet.
    I’m glad your friends are reaching out to you. I know he was such a good boy and how much you loved him.

      1. My beautiful female Border Collie was mated two times and we all experienced the joy of those puppies which of course we sold to good homes, mostly ranches, farms and larger family homes. Kelley had parvo, along with the two other puppies I had which came from the same litter as hers. I cured them all by staying up all night for 3 days and pouring over books and getting any and all help from vets in my area. One of the dogs, an Aussie, was near death’s door and I carried the biggest boy of the litter into the vet. The doctor took him in, I spoke with the Vet assistant who then gave me needles and IV packs (already had the antibiotics I needed at home). She knew I couldn’t afford to bring in the other two pups. I remember that Oprah’s two dogs got Parvo at the same time as mine. I read how much she spent and the lavish care it took to keep her dogs alive. I was jealous but you cannot imagine the feeling of extreme victory and satisfaction I got when my puppies began to heal. Parvo is a VERY ugly disease.
        When she got sick years later I took her to every vet in town and none could help her, they couldn’t even diagnose her. Finally when the money I could spend on her was exhausted and I realized that her pain was more than she could bear, that she was only staying allive to please us, I had her put down.
        She was lying half on the vet table and I held her heart and face close to mine as the vet put her to sleep forever. Kelley was looking into my eyes as she died and I saw the light just go out. She was gone.
        Please Steve, believe me when I say that I had an encounter with her on the way home, only 20 or so minutes later, as I drove home I passed a field and the passenger side of my car shook, the way it would when she’d jump in. It was brief and there was a gust of wind that whipped past me and I knew then that it was Kelley following me home to say goodbye as she was on her way to the next life.
        I know I’ll be with her again one day.

          1. I’m sure everybody has a personal story to tell about the relationship they had with their dogs too. I just thought sharing mine would be good. We’re all grieving with you for Sallee Boy. RIP…

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