Democrat Gun Control Frenzy Gave Massive Traffic Surge to The Conservative Monster

Steve Cooper

The desire to ban guns by LEFTISTS after the tragic shooting in CT gave The Conservative Monster a massive traffic surge of over 69% in the domestic Internet rankings.

As usual, the Democrats are ‘exploiting death for political gain’ as they did with US Soldiers during the Iraq War. Andrew Cuomo and Mike Bloomberg were the first to draw blood. The Elite are desperate to disarm the middle class, because the next stage of economic collapse is executed.

The Democrats lied about Obamacare and they are also lying about gun control. They don’t want to just ban large magazines. They want to disarm the MIDDLE CLASS, but the Elite will have plenty of armed bodyguards to hold back the riff raff.

They also want to bring down the NRA, ammo dealers and gun manufacturers. Several years ago, the EPA was even going after the ammo dealers by using ‘lead contamination of the environment’.

The people know that the media is lying to them and they are looking elsewhere for the truth. Thank you for trusting The Conservative Monster.

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