Dems Accuse Reps of Foreign Donations and Rush Limbaugh Accuses Obama of Being a Foreign Donation

By Steve Cooper
The Conservative

Will 2011 be the year of THE BIRTHER?  It just might be and maybe that is the real reason why Beck is going to run and hide, because his avalanche of deception about the Obama eligibility issue is about to topple on top of him. It really is a shame, because Beck was doing a great job, until he decided to be the leader of the anti-birther movement. That is when he became an enemy and when you are my enemy and go for your throat.

As far as the foreign donations? Please, this shows how desperate and scared the Dems are of the American people right now. Harry Reid is losing in the polls, but he should be in prison instead along with Barry and Pelosi for this unconstitutional health care bill that forces people to buy insurance.

This election is about the arrogance, disregard for the voice of the people and marching the Unites States towards socialism. I want to add that the Republicans are no better, but we do need to vote for them now and then read them the riot act once they are in power. The Republicans have also undermined the middle class by allowing the illegal alien invasion, but they are better than the radical leftists that are in place right now.

Remember my warnings that this march towards socialism is to appease the Marxists in Russia and China to avoid a world war. The American Left have been working on this implosion of our military and economy for many years to stage our collapse from within to show our enemies that we are not a threat to them any longer. Obama is laying down his sword and our heads will come off soon after, because ultimately this is about world domination.

There will never be peace until resistance to socialism has totally ended. How does that happen? By converting to SOCIALISTS.

“The meaning of peace is absence to resistance to socialism” – Karl Marx.

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