Did ABC Censor Nik Wallenda’s Religious Moment?

Did ABC Censor Nik Wallenda’s Religious Moment? 

Steve Cooper

Did you all notice how ABC ignored the fact that Nik Wallenda was a very religious man? ABC cut Wallenda’s sound off after he said “thank you Jesus, thank you my Lord” several times during his amazing walk across a tightrope over Niagara Falls.

I also noticed that during the tightrope walk, ABC was talking about how calm Wallenda was and what is going through his mind: “Wallenda is thinking about his family and the fact that he is the only person that has ever done this”. ABC again failed to mention that his strong religious belief is what gives him the confidence and inspiration to complete such a daring feat. 

Before the daring tightrope walk, a reporter asked Nik Wallenda “is it meditation that makes you so calm right now before you do this stunt?” Wallenda’s answer was “his worship of the Lord helps him”. I was caught off guard and I didn’t get down the exact quotes, but this was basically it.

There is no doubt in my opinion that ABC tried to downplay Wallenda’s religious ‘enthusiasm’.

What is my point? Once again the media is suppressing news about a ‘positive Christian figure’ that overtly expresses his religious beliefs. Wallenda was seen as Tim Tebow on a high wire and I guess ABC didn’t want to offend any Communist Democrats that happened to be watching that night. Maybe they were afraid that people would change the channel? I have no idea, but watch the entire replay and see for yourself. 

I bet that ABC would have been tickled to death if Wallenda answered that his inspiration and enthusiasm comes from ‘the thrill that he gets up his leg’ from Obama. 



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