Did Obama’s Iraq Withdrawal Spark the Syrian ‘Killing Fields’?

Steve Cooper



I find it interesting that Obama withdrew the troops from Iraq and the Syrian massacres began soon after. History is repeating itself, because we saw the same thing in Cambodia when US troops withdrew from Vietnam. The Vietnam withdrawal cost the lives of millions of Cambodians.

Syria’s President Assad knew that he could get away with murder, because US Troops were not on his border any longer. So, Assad is clearing his enemies list with the assistance of Russia, China and Iran.

Will the ‘Killing Fields’ extend to Israel next?
I will forward this article to Jeff Kuhner of the Washington Times for his opinion.


3 thoughts on “Did Obama’s Iraq Withdrawal Spark the Syrian ‘Killing Fields’?”

  1. You are absolutely right Steve. Almost copying step for step the moves of the Viet Cong as they began to spread into Cambodia and Thailand after US military power in Vietnam was downsized, terrorists who have free reign in Iraq after US withdrawl are now starting to spread out to neighbouring countries like Syria, Libya, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Tunisia, even America.

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