Did the War Against Anti Voter Fraud Laws Put Obama Over the Top?

Steve Cooper



This election was rigged and the Republicans know it too, but they are afraid of the Communist Establishment and their Muslim Terrorist allies.

The DOJ fought against every anti voter fraud law that there was. Why were they so dead set against Voter ID Laws and they supported early voting? Voter fraud was the only way for them to win with such an unpopular President.So, they threw some Mormon stooge in there to ‘put on a good show’.

It was like watching a fixed horse race. Romney was up, then Obama, then Romney …they were neck and neck, but suddenly the Democrat horse took off and won. This was rigged.

I predicted this exact outcome 18 months ago. I said that Romney would be the nominee, the election will be very close, but Obama will win by VOTER FRAUD and the Republicans will be SILENT.

The Republicans are afraid to say the word Socialism. So, it is a given that they will never utter the words voter fraud. Plus, it would be considered racist if the Republicans denied the 1st black President from being reelected.

How did I know? Lucky guess? No, I know how these criminals operate. The race card will be thrown at anyone that dares to say ‘voter fraud’ publicly, because this is how the commies operate.


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19 thoughts on “Did the War Against Anti Voter Fraud Laws Put Obama Over the Top?”

  1. This is why The Conservative Monster is the most dangerous site. I make people THINK and that is dangerous. They want you all to be empty headed dopes like the people that voted for Obama, but this woman obviously is not.

    This is what the woman wrote about my allegations of voter fraud. “I have to say that sometimes, I think you go too far….until I really start to think about it.”

  2. 100% wrong. If you check the demographics, the Republicans failed to attract significant support from one of the largest and fastest-growing segments of the electorate-the Hispanic voters. When Romney decided to tack to the right of Rick Perry during the primaries on the issue of immigration, he virtually delivered the Hispanic vote to Obama. So delude yourselves over the “stolen election” myth if it makes you feel better. But the cold hard fact is that unless the Republicans begin to attract more Hispanic voters, they will see the results of 2012 repeated over and over again. The math doesn’t lie.

    1. Here’s a cold hard fact for you, Bill: the country is seething with anger. Hard working Americans are sick and tired of handing their hard-earned money over to the lazy welfare whores who voted for your venerated Obama. A civil war is on the horizon and I can GUARANTEE you that when this war finally does break out, libtard communist anti-American progtards like you will be slaughtered. Of course, I realize you are not smart enough to believe that – but that just makes it all the better. The time for talking is over. See you in the street!

      1. Jim:

        Please don’t say things like this. I am a conservative who is one of the angry you mention…

        I am heartsick for the loss this country…. Obama is true to his word “Fundamentally Changing Our Nation…”

        But to respond in such a way only makes you look like the cretin the LEFT tries to say we are….

        I too think a “civil war” is on the horizon… just not sure what exactly it will look like…. But I pray we fellow Americans are “slaughtering” each other in the streets.

        1. I’m a cretin for speaking truth? You can cling to your rainbows and unicorns as much as you like, it will not change reality. That kind of naivete is exactly what got us here in the first place.

          You don’t know what civil war will look like? Then do some research. You should have paid attention in history class. Americans WILL BE slaughtering each other in the street. How do you think it goes when a Communist/Marxist is at helm? What did you think?

          Grow up, Renee. If you haven’t got a stomach for the truth, you are on the wrong website.

          1. Jim:

            Please read the post again. I was not calling you a cretin sir… I do NOT believe you are.

            I was trying to ask you to use different words and TONE… because you give the LEFT nothing but phoney ammunition to use against conservative values…

            I am sorry you misunderstood me… that was NEVER my intention….

            All the best!

  3. Has anyone asked the question: Why is the Hispanic vote growing the fastest? Could it be our inadequate enforcement of immigration laws?

    Or the fact our boarders are woefully unsupported?

    No one seems to be talking about the THOUSANDS of LEGAL Hispanic immigrants there are…..


    Voter ID should be enacted…. we are (I believe) the only representative democracy that has no FEDERAL voting ID… and we should!

    Yes there will still be fraud… but it would be a great leap in the right direction.

    1. The useful idiots in the unions will be shocked when they learn that they will be sharing their jobs and wages with illegal aliens that were given citizenship.

  4. Steve:
    It is true, we will always be portrayed in ugly fashion. And I know many people are very angry and hurt by the results of this last election. I just hate to read some of the stuff conservatives are writing or saying….

    Honestly, (this being the first time at your blog, so I don’t know what has been said in here before…) but as much as I believe voter fraud played a huge part in this defeat, I also believe Republican leadership for the better part of two decades has been increasingly “liberalized.”

    I believe the truly conservative voice in America IS NOT being represented by our Party…. I feel more betrayed by “our side” than I do the “liberals.”

    Our party leadership is to blame for “sleeping with the devil” so to speak… selling our party’s soul… for power and bucks.

    I wish there was a stronger voice for the value and dignity that comes part and parcel with TRUE liberty, personal hard work, and individualism. The Collective as represented by redistributive policies hurts everyone…

    I think the more our party “moves to the middle…” the less credible we become.

    Principles cannot by definition be “negotiable.” And yet all around us, all we hear is compromise…

    Last thing…sorry to have monopolized….

    We can compromise on the movie we are going to see…. the restaurant we will eat at…. how household chores are assigned….

    But compromising a principle, dare I say, Moral value, if that were possible it was never a principled moral position to begin with.

    1. Conservatives attack me all of the time, because they say that I fight like the Leftists and that is not good. Well, that attitude is the reason why WE HAVE LOST. The Tea party rookies don’t get it, but they will soon…

  5. I have to admit that I feel deflated… demoralized really…. where do we start? How do we build a fire in our bellies? Passion seems to be lacking every where…

    I mean the kind of passion that the Wall Street protesters have…. where is that kind of commitment on our side?

    I have never been politically active before… but would love to get involved I just don’t know where to go…. What would you recommend? I think where I am from there is a small Tea Party type group….

  6. No kidding…. I have been out of work for more than a year…. and the area where I live in is probably close to 67% Hispanic… Most of the jobs looking to hire REQUIRE bilingual applicants… it really is more than maddening.

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