Did US Allies Abandon Obama as Payback for Iraq Withdawal?

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

How could anyone be shocked that Obama can’t rally together any allies for a Syria coalition? It would be easier for Obama to assemble a Rubik’s cube than a coalition for Syria at this point.

Obama destroyed the coalition that GW Bush put together to remove Saddam Hussein. Now, this fool wants to put the pieces back together? The Brits want no part of Obama, because he can’t be trusted. It is that simple.

Don’t listen to the scripted lies that are still repeated about Iraq:

  • Saddam DID have WMD’s, because he used them on his own people and Iran.
  • Iraq was invaded so the US Military could have a strategic advantage over Iran when that war started since they were directly linked to the 9/11 attacks. Nobody would dare admit this fact, but it is true.
  • Iraq’s lost WMD’S are most likely the same weapons that Assad is using on his own people, but nobody will admit that either. The goal is to tarnish GW Bush’s legacy.
  • The Democrats voted for the Iraq War and then they undermined the mission after US Military boots were on the ground.


MOST IMPORTANTLY: Obama gave up the strategic advantage of having US Troops in Iraq since it is on the borders of Syria and Iran. Maybe Obama should look at a map of the Middle East instead of a map of his golf course?

A lot of COALITION blood was spilled to gain the strategic advantage in Iraq, but Obama threw that all away when he surrendered and withdrew US Troops.

Trust me, I could be here for hours on the Iraq War and the Middle East crisis. My analysis has been way more accurate than the Retired Military officers in the media, because they are all sticking to a particular script.

I, on the other hand write my own script.

Happy Labor Day….


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2 thoughts on “Did US Allies Abandon Obama as Payback for Iraq Withdawal?”

  1. The question that should be asked is not WHO used the chemical weapons, or WMDs as you say, but WHERE did they get them?? The democrats always call for war and you’re so right when you say these same rats called for the troops to be removed from Iraq. GW Bush’s search for these very same WMDs was decried by THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!! WTH?? One of these media outlets NEEDS to put a bug in the commies’ ears in regard to this. NOT WHO DID IT BUT WHERE DID THE WEAPONS COME FROM!!

    I agree totally with your analysis.

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