Dinesh D’Souza wipes the floor up with Obama lap dog Piers Morgan

Talk about a mismatch of intellect?

Dinesh D’Souza is 100% correct with everything he says in this video and it drives Socialist stooges like Piers Morgan up the wall OBVIOUSLY.



Part 2 – Libtardarian, Penn Jillette and Piers Morgan try to gang up on Dinesh D’Souza.

8 thoughts on “Dinesh D’Souza wipes the floor up with Obama lap dog Piers Morgan”

  1. this is where this guy and others like him turn my stomach, the fraud is evil and is deliberately trying to destroy america, and unwillingness to face these facts only aid and abet him

  2. I want you to watch this video, this man’s son was killed in Afghanistan on August 10th, listen to his story, the only thing this father is clueless about is the fact that he gives Obama a total pass in responsiblity for his son’s death. After you watch it take into account what Dinesh says about Obama’s anti-colonialism and how it applies to the war in Afghanistan, namely disarming our military but allowing the afghan police to be fully armed. Dinesh says that Obama has a “measure of sympathy for muslim jihadi’s in places like Iraq & Afghanistan, why? Not because Obama’s a secret muslim but he sees those guys as freedom fighters who are trying to free their country from colonial occupation.” Steve my question of WHY since my son’s death has been answered, WHY are our troops being left so vulnerable unable to defend themselves against the enemy? Dinesh answers this question, he is brilliant. Here is the link to that video as this father explains how his son was murdered in Afghanistan:

    1. I am on my phone I will watch it later. The goal is to weaken the American economy and US military to the point of collapse via demoralization. They do not want victory in any wars or for the American economy to lead the world in anything

  3. Thanks for posting this video. Dinesh is one smart, fact laden cookie which will boost depends stock for years to come.

  4. What a racist! Hes talking down to a brown person! Oh wait, that only works if you are a lib, I forgot.

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