Do not let anyone pressure you to distance yourself from backing Trump

Steve Cooper
The Conservative

They are all SCARED of Trump, because he dares to ask for the truth. Do not let anyone pressure you to distance yourself from backing Trump. Many powerful people in the media have a lot to lose due to their alleged involvement with this cover up.

The LEFT and their stooges in the media are in a panic, because Trump is powerful and he has credibility. They are afraid to take him on, but I said this would change and it is happening already. The attacks against trump will increase big time, because he is seen as dangerous to both parties. Why both parties? BOTH PARTIES aided Obama in this cover up of his ineligibility. That is my opinion


DO NOT even call yourself a patriot if you attack Donald Trump for having the guts to speak about a subject that is practically BANNED by the media. The Obama Eligibility issue. It is their worst nightmare that this issue is still alive while we are on the cusp of the 2012 election campaign.

Thanks to people like Joe Farah, Michael Savage, Orly Taitz, Jeff Kuhner, Kerchner, Apuzzo and Jerome Corsi. There are many others as well. Sites like Birther and WND have been relentless in reporting about this issue; as well as The Conservative

WE took on the beast and we are winning, but we have the Internet to thank for this, because the entire media complex has been united in this cover up. There is no way that we could have gotten this done any other way without our websites joining forces.

Obama should not be allowed on the 2012 ballot UNLESS he proves that he has a valid long form birth certificate and that he is a Natural Born Citizen. Plain and simple…..       

– Steve Cooper  

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