Does the ‘American Left’ Own Free Speech?

By Steve Cooper
The Conservative

This editorial is in your face and explosive. Read at your own risk….

First, I want to say that you can not tone down the rhetoric and have civil debate with radical left wingers looking to steal away freedom from the American people. Our freedoms are non-debatable, so why are we even debating about them at all? The far LEFT are twisted and this alleged shooter is a product of their environment and brainwashing. They need to be shunned from debate and society fast or you will regret it.

Communist propaganda from the 9/11 Truther movement is the real culprit here
and I am the only person to raise awareness about this dangerous, mind bending propaganda. I can only do so much alone. The Ron Paul movement is infested with this idiot leftists (9/11 Truthers) that are poisoning minds just like Jared Loughners with powerful propaganda that is designed to brainwash and turn the people against their own nation. It is working like a charm.    

Sarah Palin

The liberal fascists are having a hissy fit, because Sarah Palin had the nerve to call them out for their lies and opportunist attacks by labeling it “Blood Libel”. Who gave ‘the LEFT’ ownership of free speech and what is allowed to be said? The left wing vermin will attack Palin regardless of what she says. So, why hold back?

The LEFT are control freaks when it comes to dictating what can be said or not said during a debate. They are Stalinists at heart and they need to be put into place, before they remove all of our freedoms one by one. The attacks on Palin and the Tea Party immediately began after this horrible attack, because THE LEFT are just as bloody thirsty as this crazed Marxist shooter was. The shooting, the verbal attacks and propaganda are all connected, because the gunman and the thugs in the media all share the same “take no prisoners” attitude.  

The LEFT are trying to cover up the fact that this disturbed suspect that shot up a Congresswoman in Arizona and killed 6 others are ONE OF THEIR OWN. The LEFT owns this shooting, because this scumbag is a product of their communist brainwashing. The 9/11 Truther movement is a left wing, brainwashing movement and Loughner’s favorite movies were two 9/11 Truther movies that claim Bush was behind 9/11. Plus, this lunatic worshiped The Communist Manifesto and Mein Kampf as his reading materials.

This lunatic is no different than the other Marxist mass murderers that the world has seen in the past. It is the ideology of Marxism that poisoned this man’s mind and THE LEFT are trying to distract everyone from that fact.

THE LEFT has blood on their hands once again, but they are blinding the American idiots with their finger pointing and spin. Obama is playing the cool front man once again as his surrogates in the communist controlled media do his dirty work for him.

Nothing is sacred to THE LEFT and once again they have no problem using a tragedy for political gain and more control of the people. This shooter was not as crazy as you all think, because the timing of this attack was perfect execution to derail what the Republicans had planned to do in congress. It also changed the entire topics from repealing Obama Care to taking guns and free speech away.  

What is Fox News so afraid of?

The Fox News puppets are all reading the same script by repeating over and over that “the Arizona shooting had nothing to do with politics, left or right”. Well, that is a LIE, because it has everything to do with politics and ideology. Loughner has been linked to Congresswoman Giffords since 2007 and he was obviously not happy with her politically since he called her “unintelligent”. I suspect that Loughner’s far left wing views clashed with the “Blue Dog” Democrat’s views and that is why he went on this rampage.

Loughners classmates described him as a “Left wing pothead”. So, why is the media and Fox telling us that this has nothing to do with politics and that he was not political? They are all trying to twist the facts and mold this into another lie to be consumed by the American sheep.   

It is no secret that the LEFT despises the “Blue Dogs” and it is their goal to lance and remove them from the Democrat Party like a cancerous tumor. The Daily Kos put the bulls eye on Giffords back in June 2008.

Click here for MORE

Giffords voted against radical left winger Nancy Pelosi the other day in
congress and I can promise you that made many Marxists furious on the
FAR LEFT. – Click here for MORE

Everyone keeps saying that the shooter was crazy? Well, so was Hitler, Lenin, Stalin and Mao, but many on the left idolize them and Jared Loughner was one of those worshipers. This was calculated and this man allegedly knew exactly what he was doing and he planned it perfectly. Loughner is a Marxist Revolutionary and he did what all other obsessed Marxists Revolutionaries do…he killed (allegedly). 

The media, the LEFT and that moron Sheriff are all helping Loughner with his insanity defense and it is a disgrace, but what else would you expect from radicals with no ethics or integrity? Remember that this is the same sheriff that refused to enforce the new immigration law in Arizona, because it was racist.    

Note to Fox News:

Now is not the time to hold back, because the radical LEFT would love to crush all freedoms in this country STARTING with Fox News. So, you lightweight RINO’s better start opening your mouths and stop hiding under your desks while counting your money, because we are approaching the point of no return soon. These Marxists want all of our speech rights and right to defend ourselves so we will be at their mercy. The global communists want these bastards to stay in charge so do not get too dependent on elections, because they could easily become a THING OF THE PAST. 

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Jared Loughner’s favorite movies were Zeitgeist and Loose Change, two left wing 9/11 Truther movies. I REST MY CASE.

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