Don’t Alarmed by the North Korean Threats

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

North Korea’s threats against the USA is just psychological warfare against the American people by the International Marxists in Russia and China. These terrorist nations also use Iran as a proxy of terror against the USA as well, but Iran actually kills people.

Again, this is psychological warfare against the people, but notice that I didn’t say it was against Obama? No, because he is on board and our enemies know this.

The goal here is to create fear and paranoia on the American population and Obama is all for that goal. The goal here is to make the people feel wary of these wars and to surrender to World Communism. That day is near.. – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s
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3 thoughts on “Don’t Alarmed by the North Korean Threats”

  1. A woman calling in on Rush, she is a catholic and says in mass she attended the priest asked them to pray against the evils of capitalism. I know there was more than one reason I left the catholic church a few years ago.

    1. Wow …liberation theology has infiltrated all religion. social justice and redistribution of wealth so there is no poverty anymore. this will be the justification for world communism

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