Don’t let the kids drink the Kool Aid by Marybeth Hicks

The spread of Socialism around the world is a cancer to freedom. Remember that this is a Global war against Capitalism and freedom that we are fighting against. – Steve Cooper


Columnist and author Marybeth Hicks reveals, with shocking confessions
from the activists themselves, how liberals and socialists, atheists and
radical environmentalists, have waged a continuous and largely
successful campaign of propaganda in our schools and popular culture in
an attempt to create a permanent Leftist majority that will usher in a
very different America, with a new generation that expects to be
dependent on the federal government.

But along with the shocking
revelations, Hicks shows how we can break the Left’s hypnotic spell. If
we don’t, she warns, we’ll soon wake up in a nation we won’t recognize
as our own.

Author Marybeth Hicks on Fox News

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Author Marybeth Hicks does Human Events interview with Jason Mattera

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