Dr Carson Could Fix the Broken Healthcare System

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

Dr Carson  would be excellent to put together a healthcare system that works, but his lack of National Security experience is a problem to be considered seriously as a presidential candidate.

We need a presidential candidate in the 2016 election with Military experience like Allen West. West has knowledge about Islam, terrorism and Communism.

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4 thoughts on “Dr Carson Could Fix the Broken Healthcare System”

  1. One thing Allen West didn’t learn during his 22 years in the Military is what “defend the Constitution” means. His cowardliness in saying he will not address the major National Security issue we have by allowing a foreigner in the WH, because he may be running for office in the future, is unacceptable and unforgiving

  2. so how about west/carson or carson/west? wouldn’t that just give fits to the racist communists.

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