Drudge: All hostages dead in Algeria


Steve Cooper


The media will bury this news to prevent overshadowing Obama’s Inauguration on Monday.



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4 thoughts on “Drudge: All hostages dead in Algeria”

  1. The first I heard of the hostage situation in Algeria was on Tuesday I believe it was, from CNN. I switched to other channels on that day and didn’t hear the story there. This was being covered up by the media from the very beginning, in my opinion. Every now and then CNN reverts back to it’s original state as a news agency.

    1. No chit. I noticed that, too. At the same time, the cable news stations, and the locals, too, have worked double time trying to drum up excitement in Kenya Boy’s coronation where none exists. The idiots got their historical moment four years ago and it’s just same ol’ same ol’ this time around. The rest of us dread it more this time than we did four years ago.

  2. There’s lots of money to be made in these sub Saharan countries that house these “mining” type operations. The word had been put out years ago , looking for ,, or should I say,Luring, people of all economic stratas throughout the regions to work there. So much so that I myself heard of it one lonely night in a hotel back in 2007. How dangerous it was for the workers there to venture out at night in the towns which had no electricity or power. Just rampaging terrorists and opportunists waiting for an opportunity. There is lots of money involved in these power plants, and lots of power, of course.

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