E-mail Proof: The White House knew that the Libyan attacks were Terrorism

Steve Cooper

The people are typically called ‘crazy and extreme’ when they seek to expose the corruption of a Communist regime. – Steve Cooper


The White House, Obama, Hillary Clinton, Jay Carney,  and Ambassador Susan Rice played word games after the Libyan terror attack by calling it ‘spontaneous protests about a Muslim movie’. This was all a conspiracy theory and a lie that was planted, because they were afraid to further inflame Muslim terrorists. So, instead they covered for the Muslims like an over protective parent would do with a spoiled child.

Just imagine if this disaster happened under the Bush Administration? Condoleeza Rice would have resigned already if it did happen for NOT securing the US Consulate in Libya on the anniversary of 9/11. The problem is that the average leftist doesn’t care about this incident, because Socialism and gay marriage is the only agenda that they care about.

Leftists believe that terrorism will subside once the USA converts to Socialism, but there is no written guarantee that will be the case.

Overall, this was a nice little distraction for the media to stay off of the bad economy and the Iranian nuclear crisis. That is why I believe that this cover up proves my point that Ambassador Stevens was set up by the people around him (and higher up) to create further chaos and distraction. This is how Communists operate.

The Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda are in bed with the Russians and Iranians; as well as the Democrats. This is why they handed over Bin Laden, the ‘lame duck’ Al Qaeda leader to Obama, because they wanted to help boost Obama’s polls from the economic beating that he was getting at home.


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1 thought on “E-mail Proof: The White House knew that the Libyan attacks were Terrorism”

  1. “Truthers” believe there are no terrorists, that the World Trade Center attack was committed by our own govt. (think Bush, Cheney, et al) to steal gold and avoid the NESARA Act from being implemented. (It is possible that criminal factions in the govt. could have been involved in it, but that is not the point of discussion now.) Anyway, for whatever reason, massive amounts of disinformation and misinformation have been pushed out and the truth covered up everywhere, especially from our MSM. After reading an article posted on http://www.standupamericaus.org about the Benghazi attack and reading all the “Allah akbar” and “Your not are a Muslim, you have to die” messages and shouts at the terror scene, it occured to me why the admin. is not giving out the truth. For the BHO admin. to have reported that this was a bona fide act of terrorism and not the result of viewing an obscure video would have been an admission that yes, WE ARE INVOLVED IN AN UNDECLARED RELIGIOUS WAR with real terrorists! As one retired general said (Vallely?) “until the problem is identified and defined, we cannot achieve victory!” To say that this is another act of terror would be to identify the REAL problem, it would wake up Americans and be a blow to the political structure of the Usurper and his gang of Islamo-Fascists who have infiltrated into our entire system for decades as a means to take it over.


    We have a Muslim in the WH who openly favors Muslim organizations, Muslims in Congress, on our court benches, in the military, in administrative posititions in Homeland Security and one who is associated with Muslim organizations as a senior adviser to our Sec. of State. This is sabotage as well as espionage! And, if Huma Abedin is a Muslim, why was there no outcry from the religious community of Muslims when she married a Jewish Congressman? Hm-m-mmm! From people who kill their own for bringing dishonor to the family? For dating a Christian? For being too Western? The Jewish-Muslim marriage is the mystery of the year!

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