Ed Asner Helps Bill O’ Reilly Debunk That Obama is a Socialist

Steve Cooper


Admitted Socialist/Communist Ed Asner was on Bill O’ Reilly the other night (possibly a re-run) and Bill O’ asked Asner if Obama was a Socialist. Asner, looked at Bill O’ and said “No, he is not”.

Bill O’ is once again fooling ‘the folks’, because Obama is slowly feeding the American people socialism via economic sabotage (over spending).  Obama is making it look good and the media is helping him by making him appear like a the moderate. Do you really believe that Bill thinks he is part of ‘the folks’? No, he is part of the Elite and he knows this fact. He looks at us as the little people.

The ‘end game’ is a dictatorship when the economy collapses due to massive debt along with ‘staged’ wars with Iran and Syria that Moscow and the American Left are plotting as we speak. Leftists thought that they were voting for Mao in 2008, but they got a Democrat instead. That is why they are angry.

Crisis and chaos is needed to sell the American people into accepting World Government aka World Communism. It won’t be called Communism; it will be called Global Social Justice instead.

It is racist that your child eats steak every night, but that kid in Africa eats a cup of rice. So, that needs to be changed and you will have no say in the matter either. How will this be done? Many ways, but to keep it simple ‘your wealth’ will be redistributed (confiscated) and sent throughout the 3rd world.

Also, the manufactured obesity crisis and massive inflation raising food costs will also be used as an excuse for more government control over food distribution. How do you get people to eat less food? By raising the price of food. This is the same method being used to cut gas consumption, by hiking the gas prices via ‘staged’ crisis in the Middle East, restrictions on American offshore oil drilling and high taxes on gas.

Pat Buchanan said it perfectly during this interview with Greta. Obama is a Fabian Socialist and he is slowly feeding the American people Socialism.

‎”Obama is a drug dealer of welfare” – Pat Buchanan

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