Ed Koch Dies at Age 88: Koch on Obama “I Smell Munich in the Air”

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Ed Koch

Steve Cooper

I lost thousands of articles when I switched The Conservative Monster to a different format, but I NEVER forget anything…when it comes to my research.

Ed Koch was a great Mayor, but he made it known that he was not happy with Obama’s treatment of Israel. You should have thought of that before you endorsed him and gave him the NY Jewish vote.

Koch was an Elitist and that is obvious by his endorsement of Obama. Elitists are no friend of the middle class no matter how much they lie about it.

Radical Leftists hate Israel, because the Marxists are united with the Muslims to destroy Capitalism and Israel. Liberals hate The Conservative Monster, because I expose their agenda unlike the liars in the media.

Liberals had a fit when Koch mentioned “I smell Munich in the air” when he was unhappy with Obama’s treatment of Israel.



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  1. he was a good person most of the time.. sorry to see him go.. after all i lived most of my life in new york… he was right in the wording and i will forward this also.. i just re tweeted it.. thanks steve

  2. Steve, I’m a bit confused. I remember back when Koch was mayor of NY City (yep, even kids here in Dallas knew who Mayor Ed Koch was back then). One of the things he was best known for across the country and still remembered for today was his friendliness, especially toward New Yorkers. He was often boots on the ground, as they say, seen walking on the sidewalks of the city. He always waved and returned greetings to the New Yorkers who would wave and honk their horns or wave and call to him.

    That doesn’t line up with what I perceive to be the behavior of elitists. Was he just acting like was one of the people, a fellow New Yorker? Or is my understanding of elitists and/or their behavior wrong?

    Just to clarify, I’m not so naive to think that, oh, say Nancy Pelosi, for example, isn’t friendly with her constituents, especially around re-election campaigning time. However, she’s never boots on the ground (or, in her case, high heels on the ground), seen walking down the sidewalks or even through the parking lots (being dropped off at the door, no doubt, by her driver) of her city. She’s never out shopping or having a cup of coffee in the same places where those who vote for her shop and stop for a cup of coffee (or whatever fancy pants drinks avocado heads drink). Koch, on the other hand, did shop where the people shop (or, at least, by a newspaper from the same newsstands) and stop for a cup of coffee where New Yorkers shop and stop for a cup of coffee. He seemed to behave as if he was one of the people of New York city.

      1. I have conservative friends that went to NYU. Just because a person went there doesn’t make them a liberal. I’d be willing to wager that there is a Republican or conservative club there. Things aren’t so black and white, Steve.

        Koch wasn’t naive. He was very intelligent and opinionated. Even though he was a Democrat, he didn’t always support Democrats for public office. He supported Bush in 2004 and 2008. He was his own man and he loved New York.

          1. He comes from a different generation where there were good Democrats. I’m sure he was aware of Socialist conspiracy, but it doesn’t mean he supported Socialism.

          2. I have a saying “Anyone that is a Democrat at this point is an ACCOMPLICE”. Especially when you are talking about someone with the money and influence that Ed Koch had. He was NOT a major player in the Communist conspiracy…that I agree with. Kissinger, the Kennedy’s, Kerry, the Clinton’s and so on were.

            Koch was not in their league.

  3. The article written by Ruddy explains why Koch endorsed Obama and why he was also why he was disappointed that he did.

  4. I only added that link, because Newsmax emailed it to me. Koch knew what Obama was all about before 2008, but he endorsed him anyway. We all knew that Obama was a radical Marxist in early 2008 and so did Koch.

    Conservative Israeli’s were furious at Koch for backing Obama, but they weren’t surprised. I was surprised that he endorsed him again in 2012. I had no use for Koch after that.

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