Elizabeth Warren passes on chance to meet with Native American Dems at DNC Convention

Steve Cooper

Elizabeth Warren is the fraud that told everyone that she was part Native American Indian.





1 thought on “Elizabeth Warren passes on chance to meet with Native American Dems at DNC Convention”

  1. the Cherokee Nation is a VERY strong presence in Western North Carolina. If the deranged Pocahontas wannabe had met with them, it’d’a been Warren’s Last Stand.

    the Cherokee people have proven themselves to be Good Americans despite their horrible history with the ‘Great White Father’ in the 19th-century. Many Brave Warriors have served with great distinction, including this poignant example,

    I pass this along because I visited Cherokee, NC and was having breakfast at a local do-drop-inn reading the newspaper while scarfing pancakes. In the paper that day was a long account of one Great American and I’m not ashamed to say I teared-up in public.

    excerpt from link below:
    “Extremely patriotic, the Eastern Band of Cherokee have a long tradition of US military service. During the first World War, every able-bodied man from the Eastern Band served his country – a country that had yet to allow them to vote.

    When the United States entered World War II, Eastern Band Cherokees volunteered again. While only a couple of thousand Cherokee lived on the Boundary during the 1940s, hundreds of men and women left the Qualla to serve their county.

    When the Korean War raged, it was natural for Charles George to follow the warrior tradition of his people.”

    There’s not a chance in Hell that Fauxcahontas will ever meet with them. While still shameless, she nonetheless can feel the sharp sting of shame, however temporary.

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