Facebook Page Created to Boycott Beyonce Halftime on Super Sunday

Steve Cooper


The LIBNUTS are already having a meltdown over this…..

Turn off the Superbowl Halftime show featuring Beyonce on Feb 03, 2013 for her support of Barack Hussein Obama.

I am not alone when I say that Obama is the most divisive President in my lifetime.



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4 thoughts on “Facebook Page Created to Boycott Beyonce Halftime on Super Sunday”

  1. I have always been a fan of Beyonce’s music, but it is time for the MIDDLE CLASS to send a message to the Elite. WE KNOW that you are funding Obama to destroy the average American that no longer has a voice.

    The media has been corrupted and they are lying to protect the agenda to suppress American Capitalism and freedom. Wealthy Elitists like Beyonce got massive wealth from Capitalism and now they want to shut out the rest of us from making it.

    The next generation will be slaves if the national debt is not fixed right away. Obama has no interest in fixing it and that means his intentions are quite obvious.

    YOUR kids will be slaves…Obama and Beyonce’s kids will NOT.


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