EXCLUSIVE: Facebook Page Created to Honor Oregon Mall Shooting Suspect, Jacob Tyler Roberts



Steve Cooper


I have warned many times in the past that the media is covering up the fact that these shootings are related to the anti-religious movement by spreading Marxism and Darwinism. These kids are brainwashed revolutionaries and you can thank their teachers and professors for this.

Do I know for a fact that is this case with Jacob Tyler Roberts? No, I do not, but I believe that it is safe to say that he was no ‘Bible thumper’. The Libertarian, Communist, Atheist mentality behind the person that created this Facebook page is what I am talking about.

James Holmes, the Colorado suspect was a Science Major and we all know how brainwashed they are to be Atheists by their professors. Universities are breeding grounds to create Marxist Frankenstein Revolutionaries. Holmes is awaiting trial and he is innocent until proven guilty, but this is my take on the situation.

I copied this Facebook page honoring the dead Oregon shooting suspect, before it could be taken down. The person that posted this page claims that God has killed way more people than Jacob Tyler Roberts.

This is the comment that was posted onto the Facebook Page:


I just thought I’d let you know, that he killed 2 people, god killed 9 million, and you worship him…. think about it…





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28 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Facebook Page Created to Honor Oregon Mall Shooting Suspect, Jacob Tyler Roberts”

  1. “Marxist Frankenstein Revolutionaries…” hehehe

    “I just thought I’d let you know, that he killed 2 people, god killed 9 million, and you worship him…. think about it…”

    Nine million? Why nine million? To what is the dipshit referring? Do you know?

  2. I think the whole thing about leaving your parents and going to live on campus is to totally get you away from your parents influence so that you can be totally brainwashed. I think that is the reason that going to college developed into this thing where you travel to a far away college and live there is something that people just expect to do vs. just going to a local college. This way you can be part of the decadent, hedonistic college lifestyle without your parents seeing what is going on. Decadence and hedonism, i.e. indiscriminate sex, drugs, excessive alcohol are all part of the college lifestyle and all contribute to the breakdown of a moral society. I never thought about the living away at college thing and its connection to marxism until lately.

    1. My niece is living on campus at a college that is only 30 minutes from her him. She is an Obama voting peacenik already. Everything that you just said is true and I warned my sister word for word exactly as you wrote it.

    2. Going to school away from home is not bad for everyone. For some it is a way to get ahead. Collage can help some people become a millionare capitalist and not a “fruit loop” and not a Marxist. With the proper training a man can learn how to build a world wide corporate empire.

      Take the example of a guy the admits that “I grew up in a very typical Midwestern Methodist home, with a lot of repression.” A man who went to two universities and then went on to make good for himself, Hugh Hefner.

        1. Yeah. Libtards made him and that disgusting old fat-ass from Hustler wealthy and then want to throw them in the right’s face as prime examples of capitalists.

          Come to think of it, the only time the lefturds have ever cared about and been willing to fight for freedom of speech has been whenever their right to pornsturbate to images of their sick fetishes has been threatened. Sick bastards…

          1. to say that”Libtards made him and that disgusting old fat-ass from Hustler wealthy” is not true. It was the late teen and 20’s single males with hormone inbalances and no female to make their fantasies come true that made these guys rich. The Playboy and Hustler reader in the US likes beer, football, and females. Discussions of the differences between Libtards vs Marxists vs Socalists will draw a blank stare in any lockerroom because of too much beer and drugs.

            Also remember that Larry Flynt, who you call “that disgusting old fat-ass”, once attempted a presidential run as a right leaning Republican”. Flynt has also worked to expose politicians with sexual scandals including Bill Clinton during the 1998 impeachment proceedings,

        2. “misogynistic pig” is a good moral jundgment of Hugh Hefner. But Capitalism has no moral values. It is an economic system not a moral system. The only way for a good Capitalist to judge a man as being good and bad is by counting the $$$$$. As a Capitalist Hugh Hefner is a great man.

      1. “Going to school away from home is not bad for everyone.”

        You’re right. It’s great for the children of hippies, kids with two dads, and kids whose mommies are Commies.

    1. Hi Mom5. Sorry about the delayed response. Things were a little heated around here earlier, as you know, and then, next thing I knew, I had to take off.

  3. I wouldn’t put it past him, because after all, this soldier is drowning out the “prettiest sound on earth” according to Obozo.

  4. Glad i am not the only one who thinks so. I was trying to say that it has become a rite of passage – i was posting too early to make a lot of sense this morning lol. It has become a rite of passage that the marxists have drummed into people’s heads as something they are supposed to do. And yes you are correct, they can actually go to a college close by and have the same thing happen as long they live on campus.

    That is the key. My parents were strict Italian and i was lucky i even went to college but they would no way in hell let me live there. For years i was REALLY pissed about it because i felt like i missed out on all the fun the other kids were having. In retrospect, MANY years later i think they did me a favor since i have never gotten messed up with so many things like other people do.

    I do remember in freshan year they packed all of us in to see the movie “Breaking Away” about being away from your parents and literally breaking away from them. I couldn’t identify with it all but it was all part of the indoctrination process which evidently didn’t work on me at all! I also think that the other thing that has become socially acceptable and even desired is to move away from your family of origin. It isn’t cool to stay in the same small town where you grew up in with your mom, dad, cousins, grandparents etc.

    Now you are supposed to go live in some exotic city somewhere like San Fran or NYC. I see this with my nieces and nephews. They have all moved away. When i was growing up people stuck around. And then when people start having kids, there are no grandparents or extended family around and the new thing is to use skype to stay connected. It is pitiful.

    Another marxist tool in the toolbox i am convinced to breakdown the family. Don’t get me wrong. Sometimes people get great job offers or opportunities in other places and they should take them if they are that good . But what i am talking about is intentionally moving away from your family for the sake of being away from them

      1. LOL! I’d be quiet about it around you, too, if I were one of them. They know that talking in circles, getting loud and, push come to shove, making a statement that starts with the words, “But George Dubya Bush…” and all of the other debate “skills” they learned from their Marxist professors won’t work on Uncle Steve.

      2. Got me to thinking about way back when I was much, much younger – young enough to wear some of that liberalism that Churchill would have said proved I had a heart – trying to argue that crap with my dad. I was not only right (in my mind at the time, that is) was all righteous, too – yeah, I was all smug and self righteous. My dad, on the other hand, was unbending. Many of these arguments ended with my dad saying, in a little bit louder than regular voice, “It’s right because it’s right.” (Or, “I’m right because I’m right.”) “Don’t you know wrong from right? Of course, you do. I know you do because I taught you wrong from right. Now, tell me: I’m right, aren’t I?” LOL!

        Sounds messed up…but if you stop and think about it from his point of view, it does make sense. Since he taught me what was right, how could I possibly think something is right that he thinks – no, that he KNOWS – is wrong? Ah…there’s no arguing with the old man and winning.

  5. I was thinking the samt thing when i saw it! obama is probably going to punish him somehow. What is SSB? What i have been doing lately is referring to the SOB as President Hussein. Drives he libs crazy.

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