Firefighters Rescue Dying Dog with Oxygen

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8 thoughts on “Firefighters Rescue Dying Dog with Oxygen”

  1. When my lil’ girls were still living, I had stickers on my windows that read, “FIREMEN: In case of fire, please rescue my 2 cats.” Firefighters live for that kind of shit and you gotta’ love ’em for that.

    By the way, Arlington is just a stone throw away from me.

  2. Off topic: What the hell kind of shit is this? After Chavez stole the presidency in Venezuela last month, Putin in Russia last year (earlier this year?), Ackmydinner of Iran in 2009, and the New Black Panthers intimidating voters at polling places in the US in 2008, the UN is coming to monitor conservatives at US polling places next month? You have got to be f*****g kidding me.

    United Nations Releases Complete List of US Election Observation Points
    Posted by Jim Hoft on Friday, October 26, 2012, 11:34 AM

  3. never will you find civility in any muslim nations.. they even teach in schools to kill the infidels. they are all part of the communist society of europe but the average muslim man has only a third degree they really are kind of handicapped when you think about it. they will do anything that makes them scream and riot… it is in their blood… as for the american blacks– they all made it to the 9th grade… the rest are in jail… not a big deal… and the UN? we need to get out of there and throw them out of the country..

    1. The media covers up how Muslims teach the children of Gaza to hate and kill Jews, because they want Jewish Socialists to accept Muslims as partners fighting against Capitalism.

      1. Indeed they do. The UN’s a great friend to the terrorist Palestinians. They help them to stage bogus events to cause it to appear as though they’ve been attacked by Israeli’s, which couldn’t be further from the truth. They’ll bloody up children, rip their clothing, place them on stretchers and then take lots and lots of pictures that go out over the wires. Unbelievable.

        But back to dogs – a neighbor brought over her drowned Shitzu (sp) she pulled from the bottom of her pool. (sp). The poor, lifeless little thing didn’t weight two pounds. She expected me to resuscitate it. I didn’t know if I could, without blowing out a lung or crushing its chest but I did. To this day “Betty’s” thinks I’m her very best friend. 🙂 I tasted wet dog for a good two weeks. Too bad I didn’t have a preemie sized ambu bag handy, huh? Yuck!

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