5 thoughts on “Fiscal Cliff Deal: Hollywood Gets Tax Incentive Extension”

  1. Many states and even a few cities offer tv and film makers money in one form or another. Take New York as an example. Make a film there and you get a 30% tax credit. The budget for the credits is for over $400 million a year, every year, until 2014.

  2. Good news. Goldman Sachs Group Inc. handed insiders, including Chief Executive Lloyd Blankfein and his top lieutenants a early year end bonus for 2012 rather than waiting, as is normal, for January. The total of $65 million in restricted stock was handed out just hours before this year’s higher tax rates took effect. The move probably saved the group about $3 million on their tax bills.

    1. It is smart for the 10 or 11 people who got the early bonus. The company currently employs about 3100. The exact number is not clear as they have been laying off people every few months during most of 2012 beause they need to “cut expenses”.

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