Former KGB Agent Claims the CIA Wanted to Hire Him as a Killer

Former KGB Agent Claims the CIA Wanted to Hire Him as a Killer

Steve Cooper

This is an interesting letter that was left on The Conservative Monster comment section by a former KGB Agent that claims to be Mikhail Kryzhanovsky. Mr. Kryzhanovsky has posted on this site frequently and although I have no way to prove that these posts are really from him. I suspect that they indeed are… 

Mikhail Kryzhanovsky claims that he was hired to participate in a plot to commit murder for the CIA as part of a ‘left wing’ conspiracy. Again, I have no way to prove this, but I believe him.  Mr. Kryzhanovsky has an impressive resume. So, maybe that is why the CIA wanted to hire him?

I like the part where he questioned the Inspector General how “a former KGB Agent became a ‘LEGAL’ American immigrant so easily”. That is a good question. 

Here is a copy of the letter, but the end got cut off for some reason.

June 29, 2012

I’ve contacted Charles McCullough, Inspector General, Office of
Inspector General of the Intelligence Community, Washington, DC
20511703-482-1300,, on CIA – FBI- US Secret
Service conspiracy.

That’s the answer from William Shea, :

Michael, I have received and read all four emails. However, I still see
no proof of any connection to the CIA, and you have not explained how
the CIA is effecting your life at this time. What is happening to you
that you want to have stopped? Bill

My answer: Bill, Inspector General of the Intelligence Community has to
ask CIA Director David Petraeus why and how I, a former KGB spy, got
immigration status in America. Then you’ll open investigation into the
conspiracy. Mike Kryzhanovsky


June 30, 2012

William Shea: Michael, I’ve contacted CIA, they’ve told me “Filament” does not exist. Bill

My answer: So, I don’t exist ? What I’m gonna do ?

William Shea: I don’t know.

OK, it’s time to talk about the biggest conspiracy in American history after JFK murder. Mikhail Kryzhanovsky

CIA rules America, CIA is the government. I, KGB spy,, got immigration
status in 3 minutes – I came to INS New York office, told them I’m
“Filament” and they were scared to death of me.

I could get whatever I wanted because I was a former KGB “Nabat” group
sniper and CIA wanted me to kill for them. They wanted me to stay close
to Bill Clinton- why ?

Hillary Clinton’s letter to Mikhail Kryzhanovsky

Desiree Thompson Letter, used with permission of Mikhail Kryzhanovsky

Hillary Rodham Clinton Letter to Mikhail Kryzhanovsky, used with permission of Mikhail Kryzhanovsky

“CIA WANTS ME BACK AS A KILLER”. Mikhail Kryzhanovsky.

My personal situation and my deep concern about the U.S. national security pushed me to write this letter.

I have nothing to lose after I’ve refused to participate in CIA-FBI
conspiracy I have no money, no job, no permanent place to stay. I’m
telling the truth though I understand that I violated Intelligence
Identities Protection Act of 1982.

I was born in 1958 in Ukraine, I’m a former KGB USSR and SBU (Ukrainian
Security Service) intelligence senior officer, and KGB “Nabat”
anti-terror group member (a sniper). In 1991-1992, as SBU illegal
intelligence officer, I came to Moscow to get into Russian President
Boris Yeltsin “inner circle” to influence his decisions,extremely
anti-Ukrainian at the time.

Operation was in progress until Kremlin got information about it, and in
1992 Russia and Ukraine signed a Treaty to stop mutual espionage. I had
to resign and move to Europe for security reasons.

In 1995 I came to USA where I hoped to work for the government as
strategic intelligence analyst . In September I was recruited at
“Millenium Hilton” by two CIA agents and signed a certain obligation as
“Filament”. Then they introduced me to FBI Na


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  1. About the “genius superspy”, “an outstanding scientist of world renown” and “US president de facto” at the same time

    The last few years in the network can often find Mikhail Kryzhanovsky.
    Most often he is fasting own comments to the various publications. The main task – annoying ads “supergenius superspy”.

    Mikhail Kryzhanovsky – an aging loser, composed in connection with the KGB USSR as an informant-snitch “Konstantin”.
    In 1995, seeking a better life, he moved to the U.S. Currently living in New York without citizenship and certain occupations

    On the network Mikhailo is represented as “brilliant superspy”, “the most powerful (dangerous) spy in the world”, “eminent political scientist of world renown”, “the founder of Applied Political Science”, “author of the top political management”, “founder of the online Institute U.S. national security”, which “could become the president of Russia” and has become a “US president de facto”, etc.
    Positioning itself as a “connoisseur” and “expert” on the widest range of issues, “Who rules USA: Obama or Kryzhanovsky?”, “Gestapo Muller-alive. Mysteries KGB”, “Vladimir Vysotsky – a KGB agent”, “Secrets of the KGB” , “The Murder of Bill Clinton: CIA plot”, “How to Kill Obama?” etc. balderdash.
    Misha loves to publish delusional thoughts about how he was nearly “became the president of Russia” and is already “the U.S. president de facto”, as U.S. presidents since 1996, allegedly used his “political science” research. I mean the book “White House Special Handbook”. “… The first world’s presidential handbook of Kryzhanovsky “White House Special Handbook” studied in the 300-universities – you can check” (M. Kryzhanovsky).

    Mikhailo published used nicknames: tom7, kevinmonroe7, Tom7391, Claudia71402, whitehouseKGB, governtruther, kevinos7, stevejohnson, tom smith, Tom77, Anonymous, Trembita, mike, Ivan, Tom_S5664, ivan7, claudiaberk, stevejohnson7, Alex, Ivan Sosnov..
    Only on YouTube Kryzhanovsky uses four accounts: whitehouseKGBru, Tom7391, 7stevejohnson, Claudia714.
    TYPE “Mikhail Kryzhanovsky” (OR “Михаил Крыжановский”) IN ANY SEARCH ENGINE. And then you can endlessly flipping his miserable fabrications about “true” stories, empty and lengthy discourse on various topics, from “Mikhail Kryzhanovsky – the most dangerous spy in the world” – to “Alla Pugacheva peed in the KGB” –

    In addition, Mikhail argues that he has “extraordinary psychic and healing abilities”.
    He has posted on the network many videos-session “cure for cancer”:

    And finally, “Papic Kryzhanovsky” is a great original and mischief. He is very partial to women’s loins …
    And therefore file sharing and photo hosting scores such masterpieces:
    “Mikhail Kryzhanovsky and his whores” –
    “2012: Raquel Welch for Mikhail Kryzhanovsky, not Obama!” –

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