Forward: Sen. Coburn says Obamacare cost him coverage for cancer doctor

Conservative News Update:

Republican Sen. Tom Coburn revealed Tuesday that his ObamaCare insurance plan does not cover his cancer specialist, forcing him to pay out of pocket — in the latest reminder of complications with the health law as President Obama prepares to address the nation.


5 thoughts on “Forward: Sen. Coburn says Obamacare cost him coverage for cancer doctor”

  1. Many insurance companies are limiting the doctors and hospitals that can be used in ObamaCare policies. What they have found is that the doctors and hospitals are very high priced. If they were used by people on ObamaCare they would ‘break the bank’ of the insurance companies. As the insurance companies see it, if you want to use a high priced doctor or hospital then you can pay for it out of your own pocked. It makes total business sense to me. It’s that or bankruptcy for the insurance companies.

  2. A better word to describe the effect of Obamacare is ‘crush’. It is in the process of bringing millions of more patients into the medical system. Lots of new jobs and lots of more dollars to medical providers due to the crush of more patients. It is time for some to get rich, very rich, off of sick people!

  3. Sen. Coburn should understand that his ObamaCare insurance plan was designed by a private insurance company not by the federal government. The fact that his doctor is not a specific plan was not required by the federal government. The inclusion of a specific doctor was business decision on the part of a private company that has offered the public a set of options from which they can pick.

    He has two options: 1 – change doctors as I am sure that there are some in his plan that can take care of his condition or 2 – he should have picked a different medical plan that included the doctor he likes.

    The choice was and is his. It appears to me that Sen. Coburn was the cause of this ‘problem’ and not ObamaCare.

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